Our office is heavily involved in education both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Medicine is an art that is taught in large part “in the field” and, as that learning progresses, learners become more confident in their skills both in communication and medical procedures. These learners are supervised by a lead physician and their work is reviewed every evening.

  • Undergraduate Learners (Medical students) typically will take a history and present findings to the attending physician who will review an assessment and plan.
  • Physician Assistant Learners (PA) will typically take histories, perform some delegated acts and review cases with the lead physician.
  • Postgraduate Learners (Residents) will perform a more comprehensive assessment from interview to plan and review findings with the lead physician if they feel they need guidance in the management.

On behalf of all of our learners, we wish to thank you for all of the invaluable contribution to their education.