Your company has acquired a new business in another country – congratulations!  We advise companies to ensure their employees’ physical needs are met and their travel immunizations are up to date, so they can deliver on the contract.

We are here for you.

Comprehensive Physicals

Each physical examination is performed by a NEOMO physician and includes:

  • Assessment of risk profiles (cardiovascular)
  • Arranging all indicated testing
  • Completion of necessary forms
  • Follow up based on patient need
  • Review of medical and family history
  • Review of medications
  • Timely consultation note back to your facility

Here are a few of the different physical examinations we provide:

  • Pre-Admission Examination
  • Pre-Employment Examination
  • Pre-Travel Examination
  • School Medicals

Testing Provided

  • Blood Pressure
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
    • Urine Drug Testing (DOT and non DOT)
    • Our DRIVECHECK certified staff are available to perform DOT and non-DOT tests.
    • Our flexible schedule allows for quick (5 to 10 panel, including narcotics) drug and alcohol (saliva) testing to provide prompt and accurate results.
  • Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE)
    • A functional abilities evaluation (FAE) objectively determines the claimant’s functional abilities and restrictions (i.e. strength, dexterity, endurance, etc.). By comparing FAE results to job requirements, the evaluation helps to facilitate a safe and timely return to the workplace. It can also help insurers to determine the extent to which physical impairments are present.
  • Independent Medical Examinations
    • It is important to note that an IME is not done at the request of the patient and that it is not done for the purpose of providing treatment.   A third party such as an employer or an insurance carrier, asks the independent physician examiner to provide his/her opinion based on the history, physical examination, review of supplementary material, and any investigations that may have been done on a patient  who has not previously been involved in that physician’s care.
  • Laboratory/Radiology Referral
  • Spirometry
  • TB Testing
  • Visual Testing

Other Services

  • Allergy Testing
  • Counselling on risk management (diet, exercise, travel)
    • Travel Services are provided for companies sending employees to out-of-country job sites.
    • Our ISTM certified physicians provide up-to-date travel information based on the employee’s health history and destination.
  • Minor Procedures
  • On site vaccine reviews and administration
  • Preparing prescriptions based on personal history and anticipated risk to site of travel
  • Sutures

We offer flexible hours and quick appointments with one of our physicians or nurses.